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Learn about fascinating facts related to the new year celebrations and superstitions prevalent in some Asian countries, such as China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

Are you studying ancient or modern Asian religions and superstitions beliefs and need help finding an Asian superstitions list that on which you can safely rely? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have one of the most comprehensive lists of Asian beliefs available today. Our experts have compiled ideas both older than time and as new as today. This exhaustive list has been carefully compiled to be as accurate and as informative as possible. 


We work hard to understand these beliefs better and to present them to you in a way that educates and informs. Each superstition is carefully examined from many different angles and placed into its culture in a way that makes them easier to understand. That makes us the perfect place to do research for a major project or to check out the beliefs and superstitions of your ancestors. 


We are committed to providing you interesting facts from a variety of Asian countries. These beliefs and superstitions range from New Year Celebrations to Funerals. You are bound to learn a lot of new facts; regardless whether or not you are an Asian.


Take a journey with us and dive into a world of amazing facts and beliefs about lucky and unlucky numbers in different Asian cities, along with numerous other superstitions! 

Who are We?

At Asian Superstitions, we collect a wide range of interesting and fun facts regarding the beliefs of Asian cultures around the world. We are looking to create a comprehensive list of intriguing and useful information for a wide variety of people. Our primary focus is to serve individuals who are interested in studying the rich and culturally-engaging world of Asian superstitious beliefs. Each listing or view is presented in an understanding and informative way. 


We are not interested in trying to put down these beliefs or make people feel silly for believing in them. Our business model is non-judgmental, and we are interested only in presenting facts in an informative and educational way. With us, you will get access to information on each belief, explanations of each of them, and much more. 

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What Do We Cover?

Our list of ancient Asian superstitions encompasses a broad range of superstitious notions and beliefs. We have compiled beliefs taught by religions, folklore that seemingly came out of nowhere, and other exotic Asian superstitious idea that will intrigue your imagination and show you more about Asian culture. For example, did you know that most Asian cultures find the black cat to be a symbol of good, not bad, luck?


It’s true, and there are many more interesting superstitious beliefs which you can explore on our site. You can sort through our list in a variety of ways, including searching for religion, by region, and even by country. We also have a detailed explanation of the various cultures who believed in these superstitions and simple explanations of what each means.

How Many Cultures Do We Collect?

We are working hard to compile as many possible cultures as we can for our list. You’re going to see Asian superstitions based on the big names, such as Japan and Korea. However, you will also get an insight into cultures as diverse as:


By creating such a comprehensive list, we are providing people like you with the information they need to fully understand the nature of their culture. However, our information is also used by many different researchers, both amateur and professional, as our list include a wide variety of information that is hard to find.


That’s because our research is in difficult primary document searches that find ancient and modern information straight from the source. In this way, we provide the most comprehensive, engaging, and informative list of Asian superstitious beliefs available on the internet today.

What Does Our List Include?

Our comprehensive list of superstitions includes a wide variety of information that makes it useful to people like you. We try our hardest to make each listing easy-to-understand and rich in detail. 


Whenever possible, we include information from sources that are as diverse as possible. In this way, you get the most comprehensive understanding of each superstition that is possible. Information typical in each post includes the following:

– The region where the superstition originated

– Its cultural significance

– Who still believes it?

– Where it has spread? 

– The symbolic meaning it may hold for many individuals today

While not every superstition included on our listing has this information, we try to maximize the number that will contain it. In this way, we increase the usefulness of our site and make it a more useful research tool for people like you. We have also created various ways of searching our site to make it easier to find particular types of superstitions.


For example, if your Korean grandmother always skips counting the number four or refuses to sleep in a room with a fan, our list can tell you why. These real Korean superstitions can seem confusing or baffling to the average person, but they are passionately believed by a vast number of individuals both in Korea and in countries where Koreans have immigrated. With our help, you can better understand where these ideas originated and why they are still believed by so many people.

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If you like what our website has to offer you, please look through our listings to find the information you are interested in pursuing. We have experienced researchers who are looking through many different documents to find the rich and detailed information you need. Our Asian superstitions list is the most comprehensive online today and is among the most well-written and informative. 

So please don’t hesitate to check out what we have to offer. You might be surprised at where your ancestors’ beliefs originated and what they meant to their culture. This kind of insight is often vital for many people, so please take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn more about your culture.


Even if you’re not Asian, you can use us as a source in your personal research. In this way, you can learn plenty about the origin of superstitions and ancient religious beliefs in the various Asian countries compiled in our list.