Chinese Lucky/Auspicious Numbers


Numerology is a big part of traditional Chinese beliefs and superstitions. As a result, many Chinese lucky numbers should be studied by those who have an interest in this fascinating culture. It is important to remember, though, that the luckiness of a number is often based on its phonetic similarity to another Chinese word. 


As a result, regional pronunciations could cause the luck of some Chinese numbers to change. Even more critically, it will change when combined with others. Here, we are going to discuss the basics of Chinese numerology and give you an insight into these interesting superstitions and beliefs.  

Many Numbers are Lucky in China

The Chinese people break down numerology into lucky and unlucky numbers. Chinese lucky numbers include the base numbers, from zero to nine. Luckiness is divided almost equally, though there are a larger number of lucky numbers. Here, we are going to focus just on lucky numbers, rather than unlucky ones.

Combination of Numbers 

Later on, we are going to discuss how these numbers can be combined in different ways to change their luck or enhance it. For now, we’ll just focus on the primary numbers to give you an idea of why they are considered lucky and how they affect important parts of a person’s life, such as their success in business.

China Auspicious Numbers
Zero number in China


As a whole number, zero is considered very lucky and profitable. Business people look to find this number in their profits (such as $10,000) because it is a good omen. Even numbers are usually considered lucky in China, though there are exceptions.


Two is another good number because “good things come in pairs.” Often, brand names and characters repeat the same symbol as a way of increasing their business luck. Pairs are also a lucky symbol in most Chinese areas.


The Chinese word for three makes it one of the most popular Chinese good luck numbers. It sounds like birth, meaning growth and happiness surround it. Many parents and grandparents aim to have their children on a day that ends with a three.



As the Chinese people traditionally believed in the concept of the five elements, their culture still finds this to be a positive number. One of the luckiest of all Chinese auspicious numbers, it is often used in architectural designs. 


Six is considered lucky because its word sounds similar to the Chinese word for luck. As a result, it is usually a lucky number for business success. It is also considered a pair of threes, further increasing its luckiness. 

Number Six in China
Number seven in China


The Chinese word for seven also symbolizes the concept of togetherness. What is interesting is that this number is one of the few lucky numbers shared around the world. In some instances, seven may also be an unlucky number, a fact we’ll discuss in more depth elsewhere.


One of the most common of all Chinese good luck numbers, eight is typically paired with other numbers or words as a way of bringing happiness to a person’s life. For example, eight paired with a zero (80) is a very lucky number.

China Lucky Numbers

How Numbers Combine

One of the most interesting aspects of Chinese numerology is the way that numbers can combine to change their meanings. For example, 14 is the word for a zombie, as it combines the concepts of living and dying. 

This is indicative of one of the primary rules of Chinese numerology. Typically, combining a negative number with a positive number results in negativity. Another common rule states that combining multiples of the same number increases its power. 


For example, the number five is often used to indicate crying because of its connection with negation or negativity. When used consecutively, it shows an excessively negative response. However, we will focus more on unlucky numbers in more depth at a later date.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about the nature of these lucky and unlucky numbers, please check out the rest of our page. We include more in-depth information, including how numbers can be combined to change their luck. 


This knowledge is crucial for anyone who is studying Chinese history or who wants to learn more about their heritage. For more information about unlucky numbers in China, make sure to check out our separate page.

Chinese Lucky Numbers