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Have you heard about the most famous lucky number in Korea and wondered how it influenced their culture? Then you need to read this in-depth section of our site. We understand what makes a lucky number in Korea attractive, how these beliefs began, and how these figures have influenced their culture. 


As a result, we provide the kind of in-depth look at lucky numbers that you can’t find anywhere else. First of all, we’ll discuss the two most prominent Korean lucky numbers and then discuss the influence China has had on this countries numerological beliefs. 

The number three in Korea

Three is Likely Their Luckiest Number

Three is probably the most common lucky number for Koreans. Why is it so lucky? That has a lot to do with Korean symbolism and simple mathematics. The number three symbolizes the concept of a person or humanity in general. As a result, this connection gives it an overwhelmingly good luck symbolism that continues to influence Korean society. 

However, this symbolization expands when you understand the Korean symbolization for one and two. One is linked to the concept of the sky while two is equivalent to the Earth. Add them together to get three, a powerful number that indicates control over both the ground and heaven. 


This symbolism is a powerful reminder of the Korean mysticism that still influences both countries on the Korean peninsula. While Buddhist and Christian concepts often rule South Korean beliefs, natives to this country still have a high adherence to their indigenous religion. And while religion is technically banned in the restrictive North Korea, those who practice the traditional belief system are tolerated.

Seven Symbolizes Luck

As in many Western and Asian nations, seven is a lucky number for most Koreans. What separates this belief from other Asian nations is where it originates. In areas like China, seven is lucky due to its pronunciation. However, the number seven means lucky in Korean. As a result, it symbolizes the concept of good luck and all the positive benefits that surround it. 

The final result is that seven is inherent in any Korean person’s idea of good luck. It is a universal symbol in many Korean gambling areas. When possible, it drives architectural concepts. And like in Japan, it has also influenced some of the nation’s most gorgeous artwork and literary works. 


While three and seven are the most common lucky numbers in Korean culture, they are not alone. Several other numbers are often looked upon favorably by those of Korean descent. 

The number seven in Korean culture
Lucky Numbers in Korea

Unique Rules Dictate These Lucky Numbers

What is interesting about Korean good luck numbers is that they are dictated by different terms than other Asian countries. For example, in China and Japa, lucky numbers are typically based on the pronunciation of the word for the number. In Korea, this phonetic connection is not present. Instead, a number’s luckiness is usually based on the symbolization of the word that represents the figure. 

As a result, there aren’t as many Korean lucky numbers as there are in other cultures. In fact, it is fair to say that Korea doesn’t focus as much on numerology as other Asian nations around them. 


However, its proximity and lengthy history with China has led to a definite influence on its beliefs that cannot be argued. That’s why it is important to delve deeply into this connection and gauge how it continues to affect Korea and its good luck numbers.

The Chinese Influence on Many Korean Numbers

While Korea’s two primary lucky numbers are three and seven, the Chinese influence on their culture has caused them to share many of the same lucky numbers with this nation. For example, many areas of Korea believe that two is a lucky number because good things come in pairs. And in some regions of Korea, eight is also a positive number, particularly when tied together with business. 

Other numbers, like one, have dual meanings. For example, it can have the positive meaning symbolism of unification as a whole. However, it also symbolizes the idea of loneliness. Like other Asian cultures, Korea has a strong belief in the strength of a community. As a result, one can be seen as representing many people unified into a singular focus or the isolation of a single identity. 


Nine is similar to one because it can symbolize both power and longevity and the onset of a decline. The meaning of lucky and unlucky numbers in Korean culture also changes when paired with five, which has a negating effect.

Lucky Numbers in Korea

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