Thai Superstitions and Beliefs


From different countries, cultures, and religions, superstitions and beliefs vary. Some people hold true to them, and others simply disregard them.


Amongst Thai people, you’ll discover that many (if not all) grew up hearing about superstitions. There are those beliefs that some have turned into something more lighthearted, but others are still taken seriously. If you’re interested in the culture, the following Thai superstitions list will provide you with more information.

List of Thai Superstitious Beliefs

Below you’ll find 15 common (and some maybe less common) Thai superstitions:

Don’t sweep the house at night:


Sweeping the house at night has negative connotations. If you sweep your floor at night, you will wind up sweeping away the money you earned that day.


No haircuts on Wednesday:


Wednesday is considered to be a day of growth, so having a haircut on that day will grant you bad luck.


Don’t leave your home if your hear a home lizard (gecko):


If you’re leaving home and you hear a gecko behind your back, you should turn around as something bad may happen to you while you’re out. However, if this home lizard is by your side or in front of you, you can proceed out without worry.

For single ladies only: no singing while cooking:


Long time ago, this taboo was meant to frighten maids working in the kitchen to make them pay more attention to prevent from getting cut or burning the rice. The suspicion explains that if a single lady sings while she cooks, they’ll end up with an old boyfriend or husband.


Be aware of twitching eyes:


When the left eye twitches, it is a sign of bad luck. However, if the right eye twitches, it can signal good luck to follow.


Stop the rain with a female virgin and lemongrass:


Among the common Thai superstitious beliefs is that if you give a virgin lady lemongrass and she stabs it into the ground upside-down, it’ll stop raining. On the other hand, if the woman is not a virgin, then it will pour down rain. It’s an old Thai ritual, a test of sorts, to prove pureness and virginity in a lady.

Dreaming of a snake can bring good fortune:


Yet another traditional belief in Thai culture is that dreaming of a snake, especially one wrapped around you, indicates that you will meet your soulmate. According to tradition, the size, shape, and color of the snake also determine how powerful your soulmate is going to be. 


Don’t say a baby is cute (even if it is):


Saying a baby is cute is believed to bring about a jealous, evil spirit that will come and steal the baby away. Calling a baby “adorable and unpleasant” instead is believed to be better. It is also why you’ll find many Thai children with so-called “ugly” nicknames that don’t seem to connect with their actual names. 


Watch out for bird poop falling on your head:


If a bird has pooped on your head, it means that for the rest of the day, you’ll be doomed. 


If you’re pregnant, do not attend a funeral:


It is believed that if a pregnant woman attended a funeral, the spirit of the dead will wind up disturbing the baby. 


Take caution with strange voices calling out to you at night:


It’s nighttime and you hear some odd, human voices calling out to you. Be sure never to answer as it could be a spirit. If you do answer, you will invite them into your home. 


Be wary about wearing black to certain places and occasions:


In Thai culture, black is a symbol of mourning. So, wearing black to an occasion that is not meant for that is considered bad luck. For example, you shouldn’t wear black to a wedding or when visiting sick patients in a hospital.


The power of wearing amulets:


Amulets are a sign of power. It is believed that the larger the amulet, the more powerful it is. These amulets contain sacred Buddha images that posses a variety of powers such as preventing illnesses and accidents.


Finishing the last bite brings good luck:


If you finish the last bite of food, it is believed to bring you a good-looking partner. This may be a superstition brought upon to get people to finish their food faster. 


Birthmarks are connected to past lives:


In Thai culture (and many others), if a birthmark is seen on a baby, it is an indicator that they have lived a past life. 


Wrap Up:


Likewise with many cultures around the world, Thai superstitions are rooted in long held beliefs. Many came about due to taboos or as cautionary tales. Although not all may be as rigorously followed like before, they are still passed down within Thai families as tradition.