Vietnamese Lucky Numbers


Vietnam is an exotic culture and one with a fascinating history of belief systems and superstitions. One aspect of its culture that cannot be ignored is its belief in lucky numbers. Vietnamese lucky numbers are still a significant part of their culture, even if the heavy Communist influence in the area has stymied some of those beliefs. 


It is also vital to explore the tendrils of cultural influence that connect Vietnam with China. As with Korea and its lucky numbers, Vietnamese good luck numbers are tied heavily to Chinese and even Japanese beliefs. Knowledge of this connection will help you get a better insight into where these superstitions arise.

Vietnam’s Lucky Numbers are Influenced by China

Like many other smaller nations in Asia, Vietnam was heavily influenced by China. Throughout ancient and even modern times, the area was invaded and taken over by the much larger country several times. While Vietnam has since earned its independence, Chinese culture still influences it to this day.

As a result, various philosophical and religious concepts were added to the Vietnamese traditional belief system. Their simple form of paganism took on aspects of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. These religions helped expand on the Vietnamese belief system uniquely.

That’s why it was difficult to talk about lucky numbers in Vietnam without touching on this Chinese connection. Anyone who has read our section on Chinese lucky numbers will notice the similarities right away. However, Vietnamese culture offers its unique spin on many of these numbers and has a few that are unique to it.


To better understand that native influence on Vietnamese good luck numbers, we are going to briefly touch on how the Vietnamese indigenous religion affects its society even now. Like in many Asian cultures, these ancient beliefs are still an essential part of the belief system of those of Vietnamese descent. 

Vietnam’s Religious Concepts Do Influence Some Lucky Numbers

Early Vietnamese religious beliefs focused on pagan ideas of unity and natural harmony. Perhaps this is why they were so open to the influence of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism in their culture. Each of these religions preaches a similar idea of personal acceptance and simplicity.

While these later religions have influenced the progression of Vietnam, their native religion has tweaked these beliefs in unique ways. For example, Vietnam has an interest in the number zero that other Asian countries do not possess. 

While we’ll discuss their interpretation of this figure below, it is worth knowing that they have the same beliefs for both zero and 10. The combination of the numbers that make up 10, one and zero, balance each other out in a way that equates zero and 10.


The Vietnamese native religion has helped to add a more naturalized feel to some of the lucky numbers imported from China. So while Vietnamese lucky numbers are often very similar to Chinese lucky numbers, they have a unique cultural spin that creates a slightly different feel.

A Complete List of These Lucky Numbers

Unlike other Asian cultures, Vietnam considers zero to be a lucky number. They believe that it stands for completeness and infinity. They also connect it to their idea of an all-mighty being. While it can also stand for nothingness, that lack of solidity is spun into a positive thing. 

Two and three are typically considered lucky numbers in Vietnam. Two represents life in the Buddhist cycle and the concept of pairing that is essential to many Asian cultures. However, three is considered the maximum number of times you can try something before it is destined to be a failure. Think of this idea as being similar to the Western idea of “third time is the charm.”

Vietnam often considers six to be an auspicious number, as they connect it with the notion of happiness. Seven is also a lucky number in some Vietnamese areas. However, it is just as often an ambivalent or meaningless number in some belief systems. By comparison, eight is considered a fortunate number for business and wealth, just like in China. 


However, some numbers have dual meanings that complicate their luckiness. For example, one means both togetherness and loneliness. By contrast, nine often means long-lasting and near exhaustion. Typically, the meaning of these numbers will vary depending on their context or connection with other numbers. 

The Fascination With Lucky Numbers


Vietnam, like other Asian countries, has a fascination with lucky numbers that continues to inspire people around the world. If you are interested in learning more about these numbers or other aspects of Vietnamese culture, please take a look at the other sections of our website.


We believe that you’ll find the kind of detailed information that you need to inspire a better understanding of your ancestor’s beliefs. However, our information can also be used by researchers who are simply interested in this engaging culture. With our help, you can expand your knowledge of Vietnamese culture exponentially. 

Lucky Numbers in Vietnam